Our Objects

The objects of the charity are to promote for the public benefit primarily, but not exclusively, within Russia and the countries of Eastern Europe that have ratified the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and fundamental freedoms (ECHR):  

1. Human rights (as set out in the ECHR) by all or any of the following means:

  • raising awareness of human rights issues;
  • research into human rights issues;
  • educating the public about human rights;
    providing technical advice to government and others on human rights matters;
  • contributing to the sound administration of human rights law;
  • promoting public support for human rights;
  • promoting respect for human rights among individuals and corporations;
  • eliminating infringements of human rights.

2. The sound administration of justice and proper administration of law by:

  • promoting education, training and research in the law and legal process;
  • promoting the efficiency and effectiveness of legal proceedings and legal advice;
  • advancing public understanding of the justice system;
  • promoting the provision of mediation and alternative dispute resolution;
  • promoting supervision and social rehabilitation of offenders in community-based alternatives to prison;
  • promoting the care, welfare and rehabilitation of those detained within prisons;
  • providing access to legal text, commentaries and judgements;
  • providing legal representation for those who are unable to pay for legal representation from their own resources.

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Citizens’ Watch International

Citizens’ Watch International is a UK registered charity dedicated to promoting access to justice where human rights are at risk, particularly in Russia and the former Soviet Bloc countries.